About Us

About Us

Mentor Match Africa (Mema Africa) is a boutique consulting agency that offers value driven marketing solutions to businesses. We offer market research solutions and entrepreneurial training.
We blend insights, information and creativity to develop and shape the strategy needed to drive action. We are experts at reducing ambiguity, doubt and guess work. Developing empathy begins with looking at how consumers behave. We will humanize your brand and company because we listen.

We Help
To Grow
As Needed.

We achieve this through.

  • An innovative team that works in partnership with client’s team to accelerate discovery, development and launch of product & services.

  • A research team that focuses in providing businesses with diverse consumer information within the markets of interest.

How will Mema
help you ?

Honest insights.
informed decisions and access to countries in Africa.
Tailored one to one experiences.

Our Promise

Our Promise

To Deliver On Client’s Expectations Through Practical Solutions.

We have a team of expertise that we call on based on project needs.
We do things well, that it is the secret to success.
We appreciate the fact that each of our clients has different needs.
We offer tailor made services that are uniquely designed for you and your brand.


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Feel free to contact us by telephone or email and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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Upperhill, Matumbato Road, Nairobi

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