We focus on 3 areas of business


Gender Consulting

Promoting Gender equality is an integral part of the community. We are passionate about promoting equality between women and men and combating discrimination by integrating a gender perspective in organization and its programs / projects. We work on advancing equal access to gender-responsive health, education and social services.

Gender Consulting

We provide consultancy in the areas of gender mainstreaming, Gender analysis, and Women empowerment, social and financial inclusion.
We offer capacity building to strengthen and enhance gender equality and inclusion.
We identify, address and assist with implementation of gender equity in organizations and programs. The main areas include: .

Identification: Gender audits and analysis.
Approach: Defining the gender related objectives.
Implementation: Planning the activities and identifying monitoring indicators.
Monitoring and evaluation: Impact of the project .

We are passionate about gender transformation at the local, national and regional level.


Entrepreneurial Training

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of most Africa economies. We strive to ensure that we are at the forefront of understanding them so that their businesses will serve generations to come.

Endeleza Biashara

An ongoing project where micro entrepreneurs are trained to improve their skills in business.


Entrepreneurship Training based on needs
Entrepreneurship Mentoring


Research &Strategy

Research and strategy can be difficult to understand. Anyone can handle data but we will ensure we work for you growth with be the strategic plans.

Research Insights

We offer consumer driven research solutions by providing a host of research services using cutting edge tools and technology.

Our services are geared towards business growth by providing breakthrough consumer/customer driven insights and recommendations.

We use different qualitative and qualitative research tools to gather diverse consumer and market information.

We ensure our research work has clear implications and propose solutions that can be easily implemented.

We take a proactive role in using information from different sources to inform Business, Market, Brand, Innovation and Sales Planning

Experience Sectors Include

Banking, insurance, agribusiness, telecommunication, health, poverty, fmcg, real estate, energy and petroleum, ICT, education, water and investments Entrepreneurship, Pharma, Energy.

Countries of Experience

Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Botswana, Madagascar, Mauritius, Senegal, Malawi, Egypt, Senegal.